Have you ever heard the saying “Only the strong will survive?” Well in this case, it’s a very true statement that really applies. Going through hardships and different transitions throughout life can cause you to give up on your dreams. But this didn’t stop Young Blaze (Maurice Clopton), a rapper from Chicago. He never gave up on his dreams.

Young Blaze is a producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, rapper and photographer. He grew up in a household with parents who gave him structure.  They shaped him into a respectable, smart and wise young man. Although they moved from house to house while he grew up in Chicago, Maurice seemed to find a positive outlook on life.

“My childhood was good, It was really diverse in the sense of the people that was around me.” Young Blaze said. “I had a plethora of different types of cultural friends. I was able to experience the good side of childhood and I was able to see the bad side of childhood.”

Blaze grew up in a household that included two musically inclined parents. His father was a musician in his own band which included Blaze’s mother as a singer. This played a major role in him starting his music career.  While moving from school to school, at the age of 15 he started exercising his rapping creativity. He participated in many rapping battles in the different schools that he attended.

“I was always good at rhyming, literature, words and everything of that nature,” the Chicago Rapper said “I figured if I knew how to rhyme it, make it make sense and be funny, I can battle.”

Young Blaze chose to put his gift to use upon finishing school. After the success of his release “344 Words in a Minute”, he  toured all over the country.  Blaze knew then that he was called to rap.

His first record brought him world attention. “I was able to go to the country of Bahrain,[to] Dubai, Sweden, Copenhagen Denmark, and Tokyo.” The rapper said, “It was my first record that I put out to the internet and it took off from there.”

While traveling overseas, he managed to sign with the record label CO2 Ministries in Copenhagen, Denmark, and released his notable single,  “That Girl Ain’t Cute.” This recording made the seemingly impossible happen for him by reaching millions of people.

“The young lady that was on the record was Ellie Jokar and she was pretty big over in the Scandinavian countries,” the Rapper said. “It got 17 million hits on one video and it cracked theYoung Blaze billboards.”

The record was able to reach number seven on billboard charts. But, during this peak of his progress in 2010, Young Blaze’s mother was struggling with cancer. So, he had to make a big decision in the midst of his success that was taking place overseas.

“I had a big decision to make,” Young Blaze said. “That was either to chase this record, which probably would’ve had me have all this fame, or be there for my mom.”

Young Blaze ended up choosing to be there for his mom. So he was able to see her before she took her last breath in 2010. She had a huge impact on Young Blaze’s life which has helped shaped him into the man that he is today.

“I am the artist that I am now because of her. She understood how to speak to people and I was inspired by that.” Blaze said. “Whether it’s a relationship that I’m in or a friendship, I’m always being genuine; I got that from my mom.”

After his break, Blaze had his own plans for taking his career to the next level. He wanted to create a new brand and make his dreams come to life. So, Blaze took the risk of launching his own independent label, Quantum Era Entertainment.

“I was always catering towards the underground market.” Blaze said. “Now I’m trying to reach the person that doesn’t really listen to rap like that…now they can understand and say I don’t even like rap but I like that song.”

Young Blaze has now made a blueprint for creating music with his own unique and rare sense of creativity. The process behind his writing and the messages behind his lyrics are the special ingredients. They work together to make his audience more diverse.

“The message behind [my music] is basically ‘do what makes you happy,’ said Blaze. “I like making records that make you think like my record called ‘A letter To Maurice.’ I wrote the record as if I sent the letter to myself now, but it was from 10 years into the future.”

That record is from his fresh new album “Memories of The Future”. YoungBlaze has included many creative concepts in order to diversify his skills.

“When I came up with that title I just felt like a lot of these records are futuristic.” Young Blaze said. “They have a unique feel.”

The record has been thriving very well on musical databases like iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify and Youtube. Young Blaze is in the midst of planning a tour to promote his album, “Memories of The Future”, as well as trying to create an avenue for other independent artists.



Young Blaze