AmanyaLiving Her Dream Unaware

It has been over ten years since Amanya Amariel began living the dream as an actress and singer/ songwriter. The fact is she’s been performing for so long that she didn’t realize that she was already living the her dream. At the age of ten she became fascinated with theater and music. She then began performing in plays and musicals in school.

Amanya became more involved with music during her teens at Lincoln Park High School. She went to the school to play the clarinet, but later joined choir, marching band, jazz band. She was even in dance where she learned to feel the beat of music.  Amanya’s old manager heard her singing and recommended her for a group. This gave her music career an unexpected boost.

Audition Becomes a Career Launch

“She said she knew people looking for singers, so I went to audition for Gentlemen of Leisure. I never heard of them, but I auditioned in front of Rudy Jones and I got in. I’ve been performing with them for the past 12 and a half years,” Amariel said.

Joining the group led to bigger opportunities. She got to sing  for both Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Mayor Richard J Daley.  She even performed  for President Obama at his first Inaugural ceremony. Another performance she says that she will remember is opening for the late Prince. The news of his passing affected her  deeply as someone actually acquainted with him. But, Amanya is grateful that she got to see him perform.

“I felt that we lost a musical prodigy. I wanted to work with him on a one-on-one basis and make music. That opportunity is taken from us now, but it’s okay because I got to see him finesse the crowd,” she said.

“Love Clouds” Single’s Unusual Origin

Her latest single “Love Clouds” has received a lot of support on Reverbnation. She said she’s happy for the positive reviews from her followers, and mentions that the idea for the song came from working on a different one.

“I was writing with a producer named Antuan Mitchell at his home and we got stuck on a song for two or three hours. He switched to another track and it caught my attention immediately,” she said.

She remembers the track playing and said that the first line of the song came to her as if the words appeared in front of her eyes. When she sang the words, he looked at her and said “That’s it.” He immediately took her to the studio and told her to sing what she felt. “From start to finish, what you hear is how it came out,” Amariel said.

Awards and Recognition Start to Flow

Last year Amanya Amariel received the Akademia Music Award in 2015 for best soul/ pop song. This year she was nominated for female vocalist of the year at the 2016 Chicago Music Awards July 1st. In addition to solo shows in the summer, she will be back on tour with Gentlemen of Leisure in October 2016. For updates on her upcoming projects and show dates or to book Amanya follow her at, on Twitter at @amanyaamariel and @singingdiva1, and on instagram at Singingdiva001.