Woman of Many Rhymes And Beats

“Being that I come from where I do, I just want to make sure that I’m successful,” said Bianca Shaw, a young Chicago rapper.

As a young girl, Bianca Shaw was determined to come out of the North Lawndale community in Chicago as a successful woman. She always listened to music and sung music in her church’s choir. However, at the age of 11 she began to take it to another level.

Bow Wow as an Inspiration

The rapper recalls, “I got into music at about 11-years-old.” She says Bow Wow inspired her to start rapping. She actually started rapping in hopes of having the chance to personally meet him. “I seen Bow Wow do a snippet of his song ‘Bounce With Me’ on Monica’s Joint and I’m like this kid is really cute. I think I want to rap now so we can be together.”

Making the Commitment

After seeing Bow Wow on television, Bianca wrote her first rap, ‘Shorty By Nature.’ She continued to perfect her craft by writing everyday. Writing transitioned into a hobby. After a while, the star received her first opportunity of performing her first rap.

“I performed my first rap in front of a bunch of kids at this summer camp and they were all loving me.” says the rapper. “I just kept doing it after that.”

Daring to Leave the Comfort Zone

While in high school, Bianca became inspired by other rappers who challenged her to step out of her comfort zone and display her talents on stage. Once she entered college her journey began to go to another level.Bianca

“This guy name Brian was standing across the hall from me and he said that he did music, like beats.” Brian’s creativity allowed Bianca’s rapping career to make a positive change in her life. “Soon after that we started recording.”

Versatility | Bianca the Drummer

Not only did Bianca have the gift of creating raps to different beats for a living, she also found the love for creating her own beats through playing the drums.

“I was at church one day and I picked up some screws and this musician that was there left his drumset…I was thinking YES! This is my opportunity.” said Shaw. “I started playing in practice. When they used to go clean up at church I used to say, ‘Can I come by and practice the drums.’”

Pursuing Excellence on the Drums

Once she discovered her love of playing the drums, Shaw sat out with determination  to perfect her craft. Members of her church noticed her passion for playing the drums and supported her. They made many investments to help Bianca improve her craft.

“The church bought me some sticks cause they seen how I was struggling with those screws.” she said. “Then another drummer came and he actually gave me his drum set because he had seen how passionate I was about it.”

Inspirations: Missy, Michael, Lupe and Eminem

As Bianca got older she began to be more focused on her music. She became inspired by an interesting group of artists, such as Missy Elliot, Michael Jackson, Lupe Fiasco and Eminem. These artists seriously impacted Bianca and inspired her to become an even better artist.

“Missy came out without having to expose her body or how good she is in bed, and I really looked up to her for that.” The rapper expresses her appreciation for Missy Elliot, as well as for other artists who also inspired her. “Eminem, his stories are incredible. He wasn’t afraid to tell his life story and how things affected him. Lupe is just bananas; nobody is on his level. So, I get a lot from each of them because they’re so unique in their own way.”

Refusing to be Boxed In

Bianca saw these artists develop their own style and sound in the music industry. So she has found the courage to do the same. In her latest project called ‘Guns and Roses’, Bianca released a mixture of sounds that included pop, rock, hip hop and a little blues.bianca shaw image 4

“I don’t really have a sound. It’s more so, you’ll just know that’s Bianca Shaw when she comes on,” she said. “It’s not really anything that I can put into a box. I don’t want to be put into a box. I had such a hard time trying to categorize my sound when I was younger that I never came out with anything because of that.”

The Mission of Bianca’s Music–To Inspire

Now Bianca has challenged herself to become different from other artists within the industry. She has found the freedom and courage to deliver a specific message through her music.

“The message is just to be yourself and I also just want to be an inspiration,” Bianca said. “That’s what I want to do for people. I want to be inspiring to anybody who’s had life challenges. I want to inspire them and make them feel like they can be themselves.”

Taking Flight as Her Unique Self

Bianca’s career has taken flight since she established her own unique identity. She has performed at the Lady Gaga’s Jungle Cypher. She has also performed in the Right Now tour for the ‘Girls Night Out’ show in Chicago. In the very near future she will be performing in Chicago with the singer Jaylin and Club Watcher. She’s also working on her EP ‘Guns & Roses’ which will be released at a later date. More information is delivered on her website biancashaw.com.