Rome Rich: From Chicago to Las Vegas

Rome Rich, 27, has been living in two cities Chicago and Las Vegas, since the age of 17.  But,  that didn’t stop him from reaching his goals to become a known independent artist in Las Vegas. Currently living with his mother, brother and sister, Rich said that he moved from Chicago to be with his family and to escape the harsh nature of his old community.

“I grew up on the Westside on Karlov, K-town, and I been out here for the past five years. I have been out here mostly because of the killings and stuff that happened there and I couldn’t handle it,” Rich said.

All the while in Las Vegas he still misses some of the cultures of home including the diversity and the food. He said it’s a little more upscale and cheaper where he is but still loves Chicago delicacies.

“Chicago has more culture, and I miss the pizza puffs, gyros, Italian beef, all that,” he said.

Family First: The Message Behind his Music

RomeRome music displays the culture he talks about as it influences his songwriting. He began writing music at the age of 13. Over the years he said he’s learned to make music that appeals to different emotions depending on who hears it.

“I try to bring my Chicago here, but not the typical music we have now.”  He explains, “I have a mix of things and want to state how people feel. I don’t have a type of music, but I do base my music on the feelings.”

In addition to recording his own music, over the past year he began directing his own videos. Rome also directs videos for others as a way to self-promote and make extra money to help his family. Although he’s a solo artist, he works with other local artists. Some of them come to him for advice about their music and how their videos should be visualized.

“They come to me mostly for advice about their video, but we’re just trying to do our own thing and put ourselves out there,” said Rome.

Magnifying the Good People

What he hopes his audience gets from his music is that there are good people in the world. Another is that families need to stick together in order for the youth to grow up with a chance at life. He said that we haven’t had much family unity hasn’t been seen lately. There are a lot of kids growing up without fathers. He believes children need fathers to teach them what they need to know, and this includes music and their backgrounds.

“My song for example “Love You with A Purpose” lets people know that there are good men out here. This generation is messed up with people who are out here doing wrong and selling themselves short. We’re being brainwashed and controlled…. if we have a criminal background we can’t get a good job to help our credit score, and then we have negative music out here to tell us to rob people. We gotta be smart,” said Rome.

He continues to say that the wrong artist has the most notoriety, giving Chief Keef as an example. Keef is only known for shooting and gang banging, and that’s not what he wants to promote.

“I feel like the record labels are running the industry, and they don’t have to do the killing, their artist is doing it for them. If an artist is putting out good music they should jump on that,” Rome said.

So far he feels as if he made it already as people buy his music and ride off playing his songs. He said he would like to buy a ticket and come back to Chicago to network, but wants to continue to push himself more in Las Vegas.

Pursuing a Career Outside of Music



Besides continuing to improve his art of music, he hopes to do other projects in the entertainment industry. These include acting and modeling. He said his music will be that foot in the door to help him make his mark in the industry. However, Rich plans to not release an official album until he’s mainstream.

Until he makes it to the big time, he is taking each day one at a time. He’s doing different jobs including selling cars and limousine driving in addition to selling his music.

“I like what I do because it’s cool for business management, but I don’t know much about cars but it puts food on the table for my family, it’s not a lot but we eating off of it. As far as my music, I know it’s going to happen as long as I continue to work at it.”

He dreams of working with positive artist and originators including Kendrick Lamar, T.I, and Cassidy instead of most today’s artist who aren’t making real music. You can find Rome Rich’s music on YouTube and at ReverbNation.